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My Gutsy Story Anthology

My Gutsy Story Anthology
Inspirational Short Stories About Taking Chances and Changing Your Life
Volume 2
Published by Gutsy Publications
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By Sonia Marsh (et al)

Sonia Marsh, founded the My Gutsy Story® Anthology series and hopes to create a global community to help one another take risks in life. All 46 authors found the courage to face their fears and live their dreams. The stories are unique because of the authors’ willingness to openly share the obstacles they surmounted and the strength they developed to overcome doubt, fear, rejection and grief. Sonia hopes this celebration of gutsy living – about taking chances and changing your life -- will inspire you to follow their lead and experience your own gutsy adventure. If one story speaks to you directly and results in a change in your own life, please e-mail Sonia Marsh directly.

"I sat down and read every story in this book from beginning to end. When I put the book down, I felt ten pounds lighter. People have endured so much and still lived to tell the story! And the spirit of adventure never dies as long as one story can ignite another. As with any anthology, some stories hit home better than others, depending on your tastes, personality, and values. But all are well told." - Shirley H. Showalter

paperback | 196 pages | 9780985403942 | October 6, 2014