Victoria Noe

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A Question about Friend Grief

I posed this question on my Facebook page Friend Grief:

“What’s the most important thing you learned about yourself when you lost a friend?”

We’re here because we’ve experienced the death of a friend. We’ve cried and raged and felt regrets.
But what have we learned?
Not about death, not even about how those around us have dismissed the impact of our grief.
What have you learned about yourself?
Have you learned - perhaps too late - how much your friend meant to you?
Have you learned your friendships are more important than you ever imagined?
Have you learned you are who you are because of your friend?
Did their death teach you that you’re stronger than you thought?
Maybe you have an answer to one of these questions. Maybe you learned something else about yourself.
I invite you to share what you’ve learned in the comment box below, or on my Facebook page (or both, if you’re so inclined).
Next week I’ll give you my answer.