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Friend Grief and AIDS - Victoria Noe

Friend Grief and AIDS

Friend Grief and AIDS
Thirty Years of Burying Our Friends
Friend Grief Book 2
By Victoria Noe
Published by King Company Publishing
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It s been likened to a plague, but AIDS was never just a health crisis. The second of a series on grieving the death of a friend, Grief and AIDS: Thirty Years of Burying Our Friends, revisits a time when people with AIDS were also targets of bigotry and discrimination. In stories about Ryan White, ACT UP, the Names Project, red ribbons and more, you ll learn why friends made all the difference: not just caregiving or memorializing, but changing the way society confronts the medical establishment and government to demand action.

"(Noe) reminds us that AIDS is still a big deal, and education, prevention, treatment, and related services still need support. That's the best tribute to our friends, she says: "When the story of the AIDS epidemic is written (in the past tense) the underlying theme will be friendship...You don't have to lay down your life for your friend - just give of yourself." - HIV PLus Magazine

"I was a nurse in a city with a large population of gay men during the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Friend Grief and AIDS very clearly identifies the frustration and fear all of us felt during this time. This should be required reading for those who would dishonor the memory of those who have died from AIDS". - Reader Favorites

paperback | 56 pages | $5.99 USD | 9780988463226 | May 3, 2013