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Fasten Your Seat Belt!

imagesThere’s so much news to share with you and a lot of it has been happening quickly. So fasten your seat belt while I bring you up to date on what I’m doing.

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Back to the news. Here’s what I can share and here’s what I have to tease:

I will be traveling around Illinois in October: an important national symposium, two library author fairs and a major conference. You can find me and my books at the following events:

Oct. 3 – Oswego Literary Fest, Oswego

Oct. 8 – Military Moral Injury Symposium, Chicago

Oct. 22 – Illinois Author Showcase, Libraries Illinois Combined Conference, Peoria

Oct. 24 – Princeton Author Fair, Princeton

SteveShowalterVikiNoe1990CHouseI have a new Facebook page coming soon, all about my new book, Fag Hags, Divas and Moms: The Legacy of Straight Women in the AIDS Community (coming 2017)

I have new Pinterest boards coming soon, also related to that book.

Also in October, you’ll start seeing posts about the last book in the Friend Grief series, Friend Grief and Men: Defying Stereotypes. The men in the book share some dramatic stories of friendship and loss that will surprise you and stay with you for a very long time.

And – so far – I have two big announcements coming that I can’t share yet. I wish I could, because frankly, it’s killing me to keep my mouth shut!

So I hope I’ve given you some reasons to come see me at an event, subscribe to my newsletter and keep following me here. I guarantee one thing: you won’t be bored.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me!