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Friend Grief at the Bloggers Ball – Take 5

Jul 23, 2011 by Victoria Noe, in Friend Grief , Grief , writing
Welcome She Writers to the Friend Grief stop on the latest Bloggers Ball!
Some of you have been here before; some of you are visiting for the first time. I encourage you to browse the archives here, as well as this post.
Writing is hard.
Writing about difficult subjects is harder.
I wasn’t sure I was up for it.
But those who follow this blog, the She Writers and the posse I’ve gathered have encouraged me and sustained me when I felt I was in over my head.
Once a month I write about 9/11, and also about the AIDS epidemic. I share stories about people who are struggling as they grieve their friends, and about those who have made major life changes because of that experience. I introduce you to organizations and films and people addressing the phenomenon of “friend grief”.
I’m not a professional bereavement counselor. I’m just sharing what I know.
This blog has been a testing ground, of sorts, for my book. I was pretty sure I had a good idea. I just didn’t know if it would really resonate; because if it didn’t, maybe the book wouldn’t either.
But now I know I’m on the right track (see my posts on what I’ve learned writing about “friend grief”), and She Writers have helped.
So, thanks to you all!