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The End. But Not The End.

FriendGriefandMenFRONTfnl625x1000There it is. Yeah, the cover of the final book in the Friend Grief series.

Do I like it? Oh, yeah, I like it a lot. My cover designer (Rebecca Swift) never steers me wrong.

But's the last one. It's the last book in the series. I'm about to hit "send" on the final edits, so next week it goes to the formatter. I had planned on it coming out this month, but the universe conspired against me. It'll be out in early May.

The end of the series does not mean the end of my weekly blog. Not by a long shot. I still have plenty to say about grieving the death of a friend. And to be honest, it's not completely the end. Here's what's coming later this year:
  • All the books will be out on iTunes.
  • The series will be bundled and available as a set (e-book first).
  • The series will come out as an audio book (though I'm not sure yet if individual titles will be audio books).
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So, the end. But not the end. It's been a wild ride that has changed my life. And I'm not done yet.

Stay tuned.