Victoria Noe

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What Our Friends Left Behind

What Our Friends Left Behind - Paperback

What Our Friends Left Behind - Paperback
Grief and Laughter in a Pandemic
Published by King Company Publishing
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Grieving a friend is hard. 
Grieving a friend during a pandemic is a lot harder.

What Our Friends Left Behind: Grief and Laughter in a Pandemic is a powerful and compassionate exploration of friend grief during the COVID-19 epidemic. This book sensitively addresses the unique challenges and emotions faced by people who have experienced the loss of a friend during these uncertain times.

Through personal anecdotes, interviews, and expert insights, Victoria Noe delves into the profound impact of losing a friend and the specific grief journey that ensues. The book acknowledges the unique bond and significance of friendships and explores the complexities of grieving for a friend in a world upended by isolation, physical distancing, and limited opportunities for traditional mourning rituals. 

Noe’s book also highlights the power of honoring the lives of those friends, offering examples of meaningful tributes and finding solace in shared memories. It encourages readers to embrace the healing power of community, finding comfort in the stories of others who have experienced friend grief during the pandemic.

What Our Friends Left Behind serves as a source of comfort, validation, and hope, reminding readers that they were not alone in the intricate journey of friend grief during these challenging times.


Paperback | 213 pages | $18.99 USD | 5.5 x 8.5 | 979-8-9882405-1-8 | September 18, 2023