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Friend Grief in the Workplace

FriendGriefintheWorkplaceFRONTFnl2000SquareIf it seems to you like my next book – Friend Grief in the Workplace: More Than an Empty Cubicle - has been in the works forever, well, it feels that way to me, too. I can’t remember when my original publication date was, other than it was 2014. But it’s finally happening, and I’m ready to share some specifics.

The one thing I knew when I started researching and interviewing was that I would use a very broad definition of “workplace”. The majority of people you will meet in my book don't work in an office, much less a cubicle:
  • A Trappist monk and the nun who lived down a winding Kentucky road, united by their vision of a better world.
  • The St. Louis Cardinals baseball team, rocked by not one but two deaths in their organization – in less than a week’s time.
  • The legendary director/choreographers Bob Fosse and Gower Champion, whose final shows’ opening night parties were ruined when they both died earlier in the day.
  • Race car driver Dan Wheldon, some of whose friends watched him die, but had to keep going.
  • A priest who will forever be associated with the Archbishop he served and eulogized.
  • A TV news anchor who answered hundreds of emails from viewers after her on-air partner died in a snowmobile accident.
  • Two culinary teachers who were close friends, but could not have been more different.
So, yes: a broad definition. And as we hear their stories, we’ll also consider how making friends at work can complicate your life. If one of them dies – or, in the case of one company on 9/11, hundreds – what happens? Who makes the notification? Does “the show go on”? Who replaces them? Is your job on the line?

It’s a lot to consider, whether you’re an employee, a manager or an owner, and you’ll find tips on doing just that.

As with all my books, I hope you’ll find the experiences of these people to be inspiring. I’m in awe of those I’ve written about who have taken the tragedy of losing a friend and dedicated their lives to honoring them.

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So, stay tuned. It’s finally on the way. Make sure you’re one of the first to read all about it.