Victoria Noe

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I Might Want to Interview You

Despite the holidays, I'm currently researching the third and fourth books in the Friend Grief series. One is on the experience of grieving the death of a friend in community, the other in the workplace. Part of that research is interviewing men and women who have gone through this.

There are several demographics I’m interested in:



Medical personnel (all levels, but not those who work in a doctor’s office)


Performing artists (musicians, actors, dancers, singers)



Senior citizens

The criteria for all demographics are the same:

They must have experienced the death of a friend they worked with (except senior citizens – for that group it’s a friend they lived with in a retirement community).

They need not be currently working at that job.

They must be willing to discuss that experience.

Interviews will be conducted from January-March, 2013 (by phone, email, snail mail, in person)

If you fit the criteria, or know someone who does, I’d love to hear from you! Please email me at If you’re in Chicago, St. Louis, New York, or Los Angeles, I’ll be doing face-to-face interviews as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for your help!