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Delle Chatman

"Meet Me at Metropolis"

"Meet Me at Metropolis"
Feb 02, 2011 by Victoria Noe
All you really need to know about Delle Chatman can be summed up in one story.  It was November, 2002, and she was in post-op after ovarian cancer surgery.  Not all of the cancer could be removed, and the surgeon told her she wouldn’t live to see spring in Chicago.  “What are you talking about?” she asked.  “We don’t have spring in Chicago; we go right from winter to summer.”Delle was a force of nature:  a tall, elegant African-American woman whose many talents included playwright/author/photographer/screenwriter/professor, with a deep spirituality and a great laugh.A year later, a coffeehouse opened around the corner from the Academy of the Sacred Heart, which our daughters attended.  Metropolis soon became the school’s unofficial annex, with...